Turn Your Customers Into More Customers!

This morning at the opening MainStage Jay Baer kicked off the show with a funny and exciting presentation on controlling customer experiences.

He points out:

  • Customer experiences are fluid
  • Good enough is no enough
  • Same is lame

What does all that mean? People discuss different, new, exciting; and ignore average.

You need to have a story, because there is power in the story. It creates Talk Triggers. Talk Triggers makes word-of-mouth marketing automatic. To be clear Talk Triggers are not marketing, they create a marketing advantage.

Four things that make a Talk Trigger:

  • Remarkable
  • Repeatable
  • Realistic
  • Relevant

There are five types of Talk Trigger:

  • Talkable Responsiveness
  • Talkable Empathy
  • Talkable Attitudes
  • Talkable Generosity
  • Talkable  Usefulness

Jay says you can use these Talk Triggers to expand your business. If you text “TRIGGERS” TO 66866 to get the full six steps to mastering Talk Triggers.

He ended the session daring you all to be different.

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