Raise The Bar With Jon Taffer

A lot things have changed for the IE3 Show in 2017, but one thing that hasn’t, is the event will kick off with a high energy MainStage that make you sit up, take notice, and get ready to evaluate your company and make the changes you need to boost bottom line. And there is no one better to make that happen than Jon Taffer, the energetic and commanding presence behind Spike TV’s hit Bar Rescue. But he’s not just a TV host. Taffer has owned and managed dozens of successful businesses, and helped literally thousands of other business owners, from all kinds of different industries, “raise the bar” for their businesses and their customers.

Taffer’s overarching philosophy is this: All business is about creating the right reactions in your customers. Even better: You can control those reactions to a very large degree.

As you’ve seen on Bar Rescue, Jon Taffer isn’t a shy person, he knows what he’s talking about, and he sure isn’t boring. He will give our industry a kick in the pants, and demonstrate actionable, proven strategies to achieve maximum impact.

You are going to have to come to this MainStage ready to hear the truth about what you need to do to give your customers the ultimate experience, so they will be loyal to your company and your profits will grow.

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