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Residential Contracting

Residential contractors face a wide variety of challenges while competing in a
crowded marketplace. It isn’t necessarily technical HVAC challenges that will
sink a company — it’s often the business issues that determine whether or
not a contractor can succeed.

Why Residential Contractors Attend

I’ve been attending the annual conference for well over thirty years. Without a doubt, I always come away with a number of ideas which we implement in our business to increase productivity and profitability. I get to see all of the new products and services available to contractors, many of which we would never know about from our local market vendors. I would say for me the greatest benefit of the annual conference is the networking…it’s among the best and brightest of our industry professionals.

Lee Rosenberg

Rosenberg Indoor Comfort

I've been attending ACCA/IE3 conferences for 26 straight years, and the reason why is that I still continue to receive value. I often say that there is not a single thing we do in our business that hasn't been influenced or improved in one way or another by our involvement with ACCA. The annual conference is a big part of that improvement process. The only competitive advantage any organization has over another is its rate of learning. We refer to Isaac Heating and Air Conditioning as a "learning organization" and IE3 is, and has always been, a big part of that initiative.

Ray Isaac

Isaac Heating & Air Conditioning

I have attended EVERY ACCA conference since 1997. Why? Because I ALWAYS learn something new that helps my business. On the show floor you get to see all the new products, talk to vendors about the tools you need, the services that will help your business and discover new ways to make your own company better. Every year we come back with a great new find! The ACCA conference showcases the best of the best in our industry and anyone doing any type of work will benefit from attending.

Laura DiFilippo

DiFilippo's Service Company


Residential Program Highlights

At Residential Contracting Excellence (RCE), we’ve developed an all-new series of cutting-edge sessions that will show you how to become an effective leader, find and keep younger workers, and develop customer service strategies that create loyal, long-term customers who spread your message to their neighbors.

  • Strengthening your leadership skills
  • Attracting and keeping quality employees
  • Building a high performing team to meet customer needs
  • Selling home service to your customers


etzelTheo Etzel on Leadership

Contractor Theo Etzel has led his award-winning firm, Conditioned Air, from 27 employees to 130 (and increased sales nearly seven-fold) since becoming the company's CEO in 1995. His secret? A conscious leadership style based on honesty and integrity.

It may sound like a cliche, but Theo (author of the recent book, Invest Your Heartbeats Wisely) knows how to actually put these values into practice in order to stand out in the crowded residential marketplace. With Theo's principles and common-sense examples, you'll become a better leader in business and life -- and a better contractor.

jerry-rollins-1Jerry Rollins on Building High Performance Teams

Jerry Rollins has a passion for training. He's been the Training Director at Morris-Jenkins Heating & Air in North Carolina for 17 years. His focus is on technicians and how they can better serve customers. He works with them and trains them in the influential art of communication, personal development, and building a road map for ultimate potential with precision and loyalty.

Jerry is going to help you get your team in tip top shape during the IE3 Show. He's doesn't sugar coat what you need to do make sure your team is working at the levels you need to keep customers happy and grow your profits.

headshotnewGabrielle Bosch on the Next Generation Workforce

Gabrielle Bosch has developed Millennial engagement strategies for presidential campaigns, Fortune 500 CEOs, and top military officials. Now she's bringing her skillful approach toward Next Generation recruitment to a new arena -- your contracting business.

Contractors all over the country face a risky situation: lots of work, and nobody to do it. How can your residential contracting firm find potential employees, convince them to enter our industry, work for your company, and stay happy? Yes, it can be done. Gabrielle, author of books such as 5 Millennial Myths: The Handbook for Managing and Motivating Millennials, will show you how.

mark_jewellMark Jewell on Selling Efficiency to Homeowners

Mark Jewell has over 20 years of experience in the energy efficiency market. Needless to say, he's seen many cycles that the market has gone through. In fact, he helped the US EPA deploy both the ENERGY STAR® Buildings Program for Commercial Real Estate and the Portfolio Manager® benchmarking tool.  So, he is more than qualified to help contractors understand how to sell energy services.

He knows that most decisions are emotional decisions, and making efficiency-related purchases is no exception. understanding what factors play a role in the decision-making process and knowing how to build rapport with your prospects and customers will vastly increase your odds of success. Mark will arm you with the knowledge, tools, and wisdom to move more of your projects forward. Whether you sell to homeowners, landlords, or tenants, these field-proven insights will help you find better leads and close more sales.



richbiava-3Rich Biava on Steering Your Organization to Excellence


Rich is no stranger to making changes to improve his organization. In fact, he and his two business partners have made changes part of their philosophy, because when they bought GAC Services it was during the 2007 recession.

During his session, he going to help you take a look at what you are doing in your company and how you can make changes that lead to growth. What is limiting you from your success?  Can you learn from past mistakes?  Do you blame others, the weather, competition or your vendors?  To steer an organization to excellence you need to develop a culture, provide leadership and execute your strategy.  Yes, you need to have a plan but you can't just stick to that plan without adjustments.  Rich is going to share how you too can develop a plan, execute it, adjust it, and see growth not only in 2017, but in every year after.


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