Commercial Contracting Roundtable


Commercial Contracting

Commercial contractors have unique challenges, which are often technical and technology-related as well as business-related. The new Commercial Contracting Roundtable (CCR) will focus on topics developed by and for commercial contractors. There won’t be any “mixed messages” at these programs, just strategies, tips, and resources for commercial contractors who want to improve their operations and grow their bottom line.

Why Commercial Contractors Attend

I have been attending ACCA conferences for more than a decade and have never been disappointed. Over the years my participation has always resulted in a great return on my investment and has resulted in thousands of dollars to the bottom line. These takeaways were improvements in technology, culture, personal development, operational procedures, a look into the future, new products and interaction with some of the best contractors in the industry.

Joe Nichter

Comfort Systems USA Southwest

You can’t win the big game if you don’t bring your team! We always bring 3 to 4 team members and they are the ones who truly bring back the energy and ideas we put into action each year. Giving them the chance to see the show floor, meet with other contractors, and experience an event like IE3 is something you can’t find just anywhere. This March my staff and I will be in Nashville because I seriously can't afford to miss it.

Dave Kyle

Trademasters Service Corp.


Commercial Program Highlights

Commercial contractors face their own unique challenges throughout the course of their work day. So, the CCR program has been created with the help of the members of ACCA's Commercial Contracting Committee to meet the needs of working commercial contractors. Each CCR session will be two hours long and cover topics such as:

  • Mastering the one-page proposal
  • Attracting & keeping millennials workers
  • Getting your piece of government contracts.
  • Protecting your customers from cyber security breaches
  • Expressing the value of energy services to customers.


Mark Jewell on Selling Energy

Mark Jewell has over 20 years of experience in the energy efficiency market. Needless to say, he's seen many different market cycles. In fact, he helped the US EPA deploy both the ENERGY STAR® Buildings Program for Commercial Real Estate and the Portfolio Manager® benchmarking tool.

During the IE3 Show, Mark is going to present two sessions for commercial contractors that are going help them capitalize on the energy services marketplace. He will give you strategies for mastering the one-page proposal and how express the real value of the services you are offering customers. These two session will help you boost your bottom line, by selling more energy services to commercial clients.

Dave Kyle on Government Contracting

Contractor Dave Kyle, knows what it's like to build a company from the ground up. He and his wife, Beth, started Trademaster Service Corp. in Lorton, VA, in 1990 and since then, have grown from a two man shop to a team of over 100 employees that continues to rapidly expand its residential and commercial business through multiple contracts with government agencies in the DC metro area.

Dave and his team are no strangers to what it takes to be successful in the government contracting arena. Back in 2008 they started really targeting this type of work to boost business during the recession. Now Trademasters has a solid strategy that ensures competitive (and profitable) bids every time. He wants to help other contractors do the same. There are so many opportunities out there for contractors in our industry and he is going to share how you can take advantage of them, even when they may not be obvious.

headshotnewGabrielle Bosch on the Next Generation Workforce

Gabrielle Bosch has developed Millennial engagement strategies for presidential campaigns, Fortune 500 CEOs, and top military officials. Now she's bringing her skillful approach toward Next Generation recruitment to a new arena -- your commercial contracting business.

Contractors all over the country face a risky situation: lots of work, and nobody to do it. How can your commercial contracting firm find potential employees, convince them to enter our industry, work for your company, and stay happy? Yes, it can be done. Gabrielle, author of books such as 5 Millennial Myths: The Handbook for Managing and Motivating Millennials, will show you how.

rsz_photo_of_sandquist_laramie_7-11_copyLaramie Sandquist on Tech Security

Laramie Sandquist knows a thing or two about risk management, he's been working with Federated Insurance clients for years to ensure that they are minimizing their company's risks.

Recently, a big issue is emerged and become a bigger issue than many contractors might realize...cyber security breaches. With all the connected devices out there (including controls and smart thermostats), contractors may be leaving their customers vulnerable. Nate is going to help contractors discover ways to reduce their risk and keep not only their customers safe, but their customers' customers safe, too.



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