Commercial Contracting


Commercial Contracting

Commercial contractors have unique challenges, which are often technical and technology-related as well as business-related. The IE3 Show will focus on topics developed by and for commercial contractors. There won’t be any “mixed messages” at these programs, just strategies, tips, and resources for commercial contractors who want to improve their operations and grow their bottom line.

Why Commercial Contractors Attend

I'm really impressed with the strong focus that the IE3 Show has on commercial contracting. The high quality of speakers and the variety of topics covered make my investment in attending well worth it. All of the information was pertinent to my company, which makes the sessions a more valuable use of my time.

Lanny Huffman

Hickory Sheet Metal

I have been attending ACCA conferences for more than a decade and have never been disappointed. Over the years my participation has always resulted in a great return on my investment and has resulted in thousands of dollars to the bottom line. These takeaways were improvements in technology, culture, personal development, operational procedures, a look into the future, new products and interaction with some of the best contractors in the industry.

Joe Nichter

Comfort Systems USA Southwest

You can’t win the big game if you don’t bring your team! We always bring 3 to 4 team members and they are the ones who truly bring back the energy and ideas we put into action each year. Giving them the chance to see the show floor, meet with other contractors, and experience an event like IE3 is something you can’t find just anywhere. This event is one I seriously can't afford to miss it.

Dave Kyle

Trademasters Service Corp.


Commercial Program Highlights

Commercial contractors face their own unique challenges throughout the course of their work day. So, the Commercial Learning Labs have been created with the help of the members of ACCA's Commercial Contracting Committee to meet the needs of working commercial contractors. Topics that will be covered include:

  • Mastering the one-page proposal
  • Attracting & keeping millennials workers
  • Getting your piece of government contracts.
  • Protecting your customers from cyber security breaches
  • Expressing the value of energy services to customers.

Cracking The Estimating Code

Ever spend countless hours and soul searching putting together a proposal estimate only to lose out to another Contractor. How about winning the job and finding out that you left thousands of dollars on the table because your bid was considerably lower than your competitors. What did they know that you did not? During this learning lab, Phil London of Thermal Concepts will help clear up some of the mysteries behind estimating. It's not intended to be an accounting exercise, but it will be a review what goes into the costs we have to account for: break even costs; burdened costs; overhead; and of course what is our desired profit margin, These are the cornerstones of accurate estimating. Join me as we crack the code to more profitable estimating.

Why Bonding Matters, Surety Bonding 1.0

This session will discuss the basics of surety bonding, why bonds exist, who bonds protect and how bonding can strengthen a business. The speaker will also discuss what happens when things become challenging and how sureties manage claim handling. The session will be informative and fun and participants will leaving with a better understanding of the surety underwriting and claim processes.

Hire More Veterans Today

No one is shocked to hear that our industry is facing a major workforce shortage in the coming years. And while everyone is working to lessen the impact, a critical group is getting missed...Military Veterans. Veterans are a perfect match for the HVACR industry and you need to capitalize on recruiting and hiring them. During the fast-paced learning lab, Tim Sweeney and DJ Holder of Orion Talent are going to go over some best practices for recruiting, hiring, onboarding, training, and retaining Veterans.

Old School Work Meets New School Employees – Tips for Success

As more Generation Z and Millennials are entering the workforce, office dynamics are shifting across the country. Business leaders are on a crazy teeter-totter trying to balance staying true to their mission, standards, and levels of service, with incorporating younger needs, priorities, and preferences, all while also respecting longtime, loyal employees. During this Learning Lab, Wendy Riemann of 1492, is going to share tips for being an impactful business leader, communicating better with employees of all ages, and growing younger employees into happy and committed team members who gets results. You will be sure to leave with several nuggets to enhance your workplace atmosphere and employee engagement.

Risky Business Behaviors Can Cost Serious $$$

Do you know which risky behaviors your employees are engaging in daily? Most human behavior becomes so engrained that many employees and employers don’t see it as risky, but rather, just part of their job. We will discuss case studies of how daily on the job risk can and should be avoided. And, we will show how these behaviors are impacting your company’s bottom line through real and hidden costs. Join Laramie Sandquist of Federated Insurance to learn how to be a pro-active company leader and enhance your safety culture in the process.

Navigating Difficult Conversations

Anyone on your team a bulldog? Or how about a martyr? Or what about an instigator? Meandering through different personality types or behavioral styles can seem daunting and can steal the joy out of leadership. Join Rob Stader of Lee Company as he digs into proven techniques to identifying motivators and shaping behavior to successfully lead and all the different folks within it.

Seller’s Market: Planning Your HVAC Exit Strategy

HVAC and Plumbing contractors are finding themselves in a strong seller’s market right now. You have built a successful service business and now you want to plot your exit. SF&P Advisors work exclusively with HVAC and Plumbing contractors and have participated in over $600M worth of transactions in the space. In this session we will discuss the preparation, the process and the prize for maximizing the sale of your successful contracting business.


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