Do You Need A Makeover?

If you are at the IE3 Show, you’ve committed to making your business better. But, what does that really mean to you?

Maybe your company is profitable, but has hit a plateau and you just need that one idea that helps you bust through it and get to the next level. Maybe you’re struggling with keep quality team members, who if they stayed would really impact your bottom line. Maybe you are struggling to gain new customers and keep your current one, because you’re not as competitive as you used to be in your market. Well, the IE3 Show has the answers for you!

ACCA has assembled a “Dream Team” of top contractors from around the country that are going to help one lucky contractor figure out what to do next. he Contractor Dream Team includes Tim Cropp (CroppMetcalfe), Hugh Joyce (James River Air Conditioning), Wade Mayfield (Thermal Services), and Bobby Ring (Meyer & Depew). And, they are going to conduct a top-to-bottom review of a contracting business, and you’re going to get to see the results (and participate) during an unprecedented MainStage on March 22.

If you want to be that lucky contractor who gets the “Dream Team’s” advice, you will have to apply. So, stay tuned, because details on how to apply will be available soon.

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