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rsz_whatsonnowcircledOne of the greatest features of the IE3 Show app is the “What’s On Now” section.

When you click on the alarm clock icon (circled in red to the right), it will tell you what events are currently taking place.

Make sure you click on this button frequently to make sure that you are where you need to be!

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Welcome to Nashville!

Welcome to the IE3 Show at the Gaylord Oryland in Nashville, TN! We’re excited to have you with us this week.

Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your time at the IE3 Show:

  • Download the mobile app by searching ACCA and IE3 in Google Play or the  iTunes App Store or by clicking here. This has everything you need to know about the event, including the full schedule of events, learning lab handouts that ACCA has received, and the exhibitor list.
  • Registration opens at 8am on Monday morning and the Opening MainStage is at 10am in the Tennessee Ballroom. Get there early to get a good seat.
  • Registration is the Tennessee Ballroom Lobby, if you have questions or need assistance, stop by and an ACCA staff member will help you out.
  • If you want to come to the Backstage Party with Emerson on Tuesday evening at FUSE, to you must visit their booth (#706) to get your ticket.
  • ACCA staff is wearing gray and blue sweaters, find one of them any where, at any time…they are here to help you!

We can’t wait to see all of you tomorrow morning! Have a great week!

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Serve, Strive, Succeed: Creating a Culture at Your Business

he phrase “positive work culture” has been bandied about so much that it’s often hard to tell what it means anymore. OK, so we all know it’s much more than slapping down a box of donuts on the reception room table. But trying to find reliable, dynamic constants can prove as confusing as picking a diet—then going online to find that there are 1,000 diets all claiming to be the right one.

Then, there’s the time factor. “Most small business owners are not managers or entrepreneurs; they have a skill and they are focused on delivering their product to customers,” says Rich Biava, vice president and co-owner of GAC Services, an HVAC company based in Gaithersburg, Maryland. “But the job of executing the work is so overwhelming that thinking about culture improvements is too far away from the day to day issues at hand.”

That’s nothing to be ashamed of, necessarily. The late Stephen Covey, author of “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” wrote and spoke of “Quadrant 2”—the space where we put important but not urgent business priorities. Even the most conscientious owner-operators will leave workplace culture goals there, because they’re absorbed in those “overwhelming” day-to-day tasks. (Covey referred to the “urgent, important” space where people put out fires all day long as Quadrant 1.)

True, creating a culture that’s energized and affirming and dynamic takes a concerted effort over time—and in heat of summer or frozen depths of winter, time is precious, especially when there’s money to be made. But taking the long view, Biava contends, can have a lasting affect on business: It optimizes operations for the long haul as opposed to maximizing them in the short run.

“Building a culture costs time and money,” Biava says. “You won’t see results immediately. It is cultivated by years of work and effort and starts from the top. Even if you don’t think you’re working on it you could be—but unfortunately it’s the completely wrong way.”

Just as you wouldn’t hang ductwork with masking tape, a wing and a prayer, work culture isn’t something to leave in a grey zone where it’ll work itself out. Here, Biava offers five action points for fashioning a workplace that will take your business to a whole new level of harmony, efficiency and profitability.

Keep communication clear
Biava says that for company communication to work, it’s wise to use an approach that combines verbal and written styles to deliver and reinforce a consistent message. Be specific and concise; in an age of Twitter-length attention spans, three-page emails won’t cut it. Outside of HVAC, some companies are going a step further with tremendous results. When Julie Sweet became the CEO of Accenture’s North American business in 2015, she got rid of standard memos in favor of quick, in-house videos that allowed her and her team to convey, besides important content, non-scripted emotion and enthusiasm.

Promote understanding of your vision and mission

Vision, of course, is what you’re aiming for, while your mission defines what you’re in business to do. “Write it down, say it, believe it and work toward it no matter what the hurdle or what life puts in your way,” he says, adding: “Stop and think about your purpose. It isn’t to make money. That’s cheap and shallow. However, it is great to make money from executing your purpose well—but you need to find your purpose and be passionate about it.” That kind of positive thrust is contagious and encourages employee buy-in and loyalty on the front end, which leads to staunch customer loyalty on the back end.

Show leadership by acting as a servant
Servant leadership reduces the distance between an owner and staff through a simple-yet-powerful principle: Your employees know you are there to help when it’s needed, and that you’re as much of a team player as they are. Biava refers to this concept as “from ‘me’ to ‘we’ and ‘I’ to ‘service.’”

Use meetings, and use them productively
This links to servant leadership in that meetings need not be top-down affairs—and, in fact, shouldn’t be. A productive meeting framework gives you an opportunity to collaborate on and discuss ideas; get input from workers in the field; share vital information; and get everyone into the same physical space to reinforce a team atmosphere.

Embrace a learning environment
“When someone makes a costly mistake we don’t send them packing or make them pay for it,” Biava stresses. “We address it and create case studies to help educate others.” GAC also offers leadership training after hours to people who want to get involved. He also notes: “Good people make mistakes, bad customers can turn into raving fans, life and people change. You will limit your potential if you don’t consider new information to assess a situation.”

As workplace culture flourishes, businesses grow—but to get there, a different kind of growth needs to happen first. “Developing a growth mindset is about permitting new information to enter your brain and allow it to be processed and using it to make an informed decision with new information,” Biava says. “This is vital for running successful businesses and making important decisions throughout your life.”

If you want to hear all of Rich Biava’s secrets, register for the IE3 Show today! He will be sharing his company’s secrets with attendees and answering their questions.

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Government Contracting 360

Doing work for the government – local, state, or federal – can be a lucrative market segment for any contractor. Add to it that there are government buildings in every city, town, and state in America and these jobs can be low hanging fruit. There is a catch though. Government contracting has a meticulous process that must be done correctly to win bids and ensure that you get paid.

While it may seem like a hassle, if you have the right tools and processes in place, you could have a continuous stream of work for your team. So, how do you get those processes in place? During the IE3 Show, taking place March 20 – 22 in Nashville, TN, Dave Kyle and Kathy Townsend of Trademasters Service Corp. in Lorton, VA, are going to share how they grew their business by focusing on government work. They are going to take you step-by-step through the bidding process and share with you the systems you need to have in place to properly bid on jobs, so you not only win the bids, but are also profitable.

If you have ever thought that government contracting would be a good fit for your company, this is the learning lab you need to attend to jump start your program. But, you can only attend this session if you are registered for the IE3 Show.  You can register for the event online or by giving ACCA a call at 888-290-2220.

And if government contracting isn’t right for your company, don’t worry! The IE3 show is featuring for different educational events this year: Residential Contracting Excellence; Commercial Contracting Roundtable; Plumbing and Hydronics Roundtable; and Building Performance Forum, and there is sure to be something for your company at one of those events. You can check out the full schedule of events at www.ie3show.com.

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Registration Is Open for the IE3 Show!

We know that we’ve been talking about the all-new IE3 Show for almost a year and you’ve been anxiously waiting for a glimpse of what it is all about so that you can register. Well, now is that time! Registration is finally opening for the IE3 Show taking place March 20 – 22, 2017, at the Gaylord Opryland in Nashville, TN.

You can check out the full schedule at www.ie3show.com/program, but you aren’t going to want to miss:

  • Raise the Bar with Jon Taffer: This energetic and no nonsense MainStage will get you pumped to make changes to your company that boost your bottom line.
  • Industry Champions: At Industry Champions, our morning super-seminar on March 21, we’ve arranged for you to meet, listen to, and learn from some of the best contractors in the country.
  • Contractor Makeover: We’ve formed a Dream Team of contractors that are going to conduct a top-to-bottom review of a contracting business, and you’re going to get to see the results (and participate) during an unprecedented MainStage.
  • Festival Marketplace: The Festival Marketplace is a solutions-driven way for contractors to interact with the industry’s most innovative suppliers and vendors. Using technology and a comprehensive app solution, you’ll discover great ideas and new tools that you might miss at an ordinary industry trade show. Plus, this is where you will go for the Manufacturer CEO Forums — one focused on residential, one on commercial — where you will be able to ask questions directly of senior manufacturing executives.

This year, full registration costs $597 and you get access to: all of the learning labs and MainStage events; the Festival Marketplace; Nashville Bash; lunches; continental breakfasts; and more.

Social passes cost $337 and you get access to: Festival Marketplace; Nashville Bash; Big Bang Party; lunches; and continental breakfasts.

You can register for the event at www.ie3show.com/register, but don’t wait, prices increase as time goes by. Get the best deal by registering today.

And once you have registered, don’t forget to book your hotel room at the Gaylord Opryland. You can book your room online or by calling 877-351-5021 and mentioning the IE3show to secure our discounted room rate of $209 per night (plus taxes and fees). This special rate ends February 20 or when our block sells out, whichever comes first — don’t delay!

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Do You Need A Makeover?

If you are at the IE3 Show, you’ve committed to making your business better. But, what does that really mean to you?

Maybe your company is profitable, but has hit a plateau and you just need that one idea that helps you bust through it and get to the next level. Maybe you’re struggling with keep quality team members, who if they stayed would really impact your bottom line. Maybe you are struggling to gain new customers and keep your current one, because you’re not as competitive as you used to be in your market. Well, the IE3 Show has the answers for you!

ACCA has assembled a “Dream Team” of top contractors from around the country that are going to help one lucky contractor figure out what to do next. he Contractor Dream Team includes Tim Cropp (CroppMetcalfe), Hugh Joyce (James River Air Conditioning), Wade Mayfield (Thermal Services), and Bobby Ring (Meyer & Depew). And, they are going to conduct a top-to-bottom review of a contracting business, and you’re going to get to see the results (and participate) during an unprecedented MainStage on March 22.

If you want to be that lucky contractor who gets the “Dream Team’s” advice, you will have to apply. So, stay tuned, because details on how to apply will be available soon.

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Raise The Bar With Jon Taffer

A lot things have changed for the IE3 Show in 2017, but one thing that hasn’t, is the event will kick off with a high energy MainStage that make you sit up, take notice, and get ready to evaluate your company and make the changes you need to boost bottom line. And there is no one better to make that happen than Jon Taffer, the energetic and commanding presence behind Spike TV’s hit Bar Rescue. But he’s not just a TV host. Taffer has owned and managed dozens of successful businesses, and helped literally thousands of other business owners, from all kinds of different industries, “raise the bar” for their businesses and their customers.

Taffer’s overarching philosophy is this: All business is about creating the right reactions in your customers. Even better: You can control those reactions to a very large degree.

As you’ve seen on Bar Rescue, Jon Taffer isn’t a shy person, he knows what he’s talking about, and he sure isn’t boring. He will give our industry a kick in the pants, and demonstrate actionable, proven strategies to achieve maximum impact.

You are going to have to come to this MainStage ready to hear the truth about what you need to do to give your customers the ultimate experience, so they will be loyal to your company and your profits will grow.

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