Adams Hudson Offering More Marketing Tips At The IE3 Show

This may be getting a little ridiculous.

As we’re panting in the final stages of IE3 preparation, one of our speakers has apparently been hitting the Starbucks pretty hard and wanted to share two pretty cool things with you:

  1. An ACCA Member Marketing Bundle you can have. Like, for nothing, just for clicking. Includes at no charge –
  • Video 1: How to Get 10 Referrals Right Now
  • Video 2: 3 Steps to Multiply Leads, Sales and Profits
  • 201 Contractor Marketing Tips eBook
  • 12-month Marketing Budget Calculator

Click to get all of the above. Plus…

  1. Watch a 2-minute 12 seconds seminar invitation video that is
  2. a) Pretty entertaining (wait ‘til you see what happens at 24 seconds in!) and
  3. b) A very “odd” thing for a marketing company to advise. Whoa.

The video tells you exactly what you can expect in that seminar.

As valuable as that is, consider this –

The above is just a FRACTION of the incredible bundle of benefits you’ll get at the upcoming IE3 Conference. How do I know this?

Because for a solid year, we’ve been planning and strategizing, “filling in the blanks” of what members have asked for and “upping the ante” for any other conference out there. Really. This is YOUR conference, for your gain, for your benefit.

This annual IE3 Conference is where the brightest minds and most successful contractors gather for one reason –

To make your business better, your relationships deeper and your life just that much better.

A bold promise? You bet. This is what “upping the ante” is about! Click to get registered.

Tell your friends and colleagues to come and see what they might be missing. See you there!

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