ACCA Hosting MIX Group Event at ACCA Annual Conference

ACCA’s Management Information Exchange (MIX) Group program is one of the premier benefits of ACCA membership.

The MIX Group program is for contractors who are interested in business-to-business exchanges with non-competing peers. MIX Groups are organized by ACCA members and most groups usually meet twice each year, travelling to each other’s companies to review sales, operations, policies, advertising, staff, strategies, and more. Most groups consist of eight to ten contractors from non-competing areas, and MIX Group members must be in good standing with ACCA.

Some existing MIX Groups are residential HVACR only, others may consist of only commercial contractors, and some may allow a mixture of residential and commercial.  Most often, MIX Groups consist of contractors whose companies are about the same size, based on annual sales volume. However, you can start your own MIX Group and recruit ACCA members of any size and profile.

Getting into a MIX Group can take a considerable amount of time because contractors either have to start their own group or be invited to an existing group. ACCA can help with introductions between contractors, but ACCA does not “place” someone into a group.

One of the ways ACCA does help, however, is hosting a MIX Group event – The MIXer –  at the ACCA Annual Conference. In 2018, the MIXer is being hosted by Dean Brainard, a well-known facilitator of MIX Group meetings. Dean will be leading a “speed networking” event where contractors interested in the program can meet MIX Group leaders and be interviewed by those looking to add another contractor to their MIX Group membership.

Dean’s leadership at this event is exciting because he has a unique ability to engage contractors and provoke meaningful conversations.

If you’re looking to join an ACCA MIX Group, or to learn more about the program, join us at ACCA’s MIXer on February 13 at 5:15pm. It’s the place to be to get engaged in the preeminent contractor networking program!

If you are a contractor who wants to join a group, fill out this candidate profile form and e-mail me at

If you are in a MIX Group and want to interview contractors looking to join a group, fill out this existing MIX Group profile form e-mail me at

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